About Us

Mountain Oasis Animal Sanctuary, Co (MOAS) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit animal rescue formed as a California nonprofit corporation, operating under the laws of the state of California.


MOAS's mission is twofold: 1) rescuing horses, ponies, mules, and donkeys from abuse, neglect, abandonment, and the slaughterhouse/kill pen pipeline, and offering sanctuary to senior animals and those suffering medical conditions requiring continuous life long vet/ specialized ferrier care; and 2) providing therapeutic services to people who have survived domestic violence, sexual assault, or any kind of trauma and are experiencing PTSD, anxiety, depression, or other mental health issues associated with their trauma.

We believe that the perfect partners to help people who have survived trauma, are horses who have also survived trauma. 


Here at MOAS, we believe that education is key to ending abuse and cruelty to both animals and people. To this end, we offer education on steps people can take to help end these atrocities against animals, as well as education on how to recognize red flags in potential relationships with other people, how to create healthy boundaries, and how to build an unshakable sense of self worth. 


We also offer an Owner Surrender Program, where people can surrender animals they can no longer care for, no questions asked. Please if you know of any animals that are being abused or neglected, please reach out to local agencies, and if they are unable to help contact us.