Board Members

Jessie Osburn

President and Founder
Hawk and Jessie.jpg

Jessie is the Founder and President of MOAS. With over 30 years of experience working with horses, a Masters degree in Psychology/Applied Behavior Analysis, a Certified Paralegal Certificate, and over 6 years working with California non-profits, Jessie brings an incomparable amount of knowledge and know-how to the MOAS team. Jessie is responsible for running the day to day operations at MOAS, our Legal/Compliance department, and our Animal Therapy department. Jessie's passion has always been saving animals. Even as a small child pulling drowning wasps out of water troughs, Jessie always sees the importance of even the smallest lives. She strongly believes that even though we can't save everyone, we can make a real difference for those we can save.

Sara Leiter

Secretary and Co-Founder
Saras Face.JPG

Sara is the co-Founder and Secretary of MOAS. Sara has a background in business and event planning, with an Associates degree in Business. Sara is head of our Design Department and Event Planning Department, and is responsible for creating, designing, and procuring MOAS branded merchandise, as well as planning MOAS fundraising and donor appreciation events. Sara has had a life long passion for animal protection, and she brings this passion with her to MOAS. She believes in doing what is right by the animals, no matter what.