Meet Our Horses!

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Peaches is a 2 year old Missouri Foxtrotter. She was our very first official rescue here at MOAS. She was listed at the kill pen as a yearling because she was so small and emaciated. When we saw her video, and she was just so young and defeated looking with tired eyes and a snotty nose, we knew we had to do something to save her. She was just too young to be suffering the horrible conditions of the kill pen pipe line. 

Since Peaches was our first, we really weren't sure what to expect. We called the kill pen and were told her bail price and that there was a fundraiser group who might be able to raise half. We contacted them and they agreed to help us, but that still left us needing to come up with a chunk of money to save her. So, we took a gamble and started our first fundraiser. We didn't think it would make more than maybe $20, $50 if we were lucky. To our amazement, many of our awesome Village came to our aid that day, and by the next morning we had enough to save Peaches! We couldn't believe it! So we immediately called the lot and paid her bail and had her picked up that day to be taken to quarantine. Peaches was FREE! And it was because some wonderful people, our new Village as it would turn out, felt her pain too, and decided to stop it. A group of 35 amazing horse lovers saved a horse that day, and we are so blessed to be able to care for her and watch her grow, and to share her glow up with our Village and the world.

Peaches is Queen Bee around here. She is a dainty little sweetheart with a major lack of patience, lol. We found out from our vet that she is actually 2 years old, not a yearling. She is tiny, so we think that the malnourishment may have stunted her growth, so she may always be a pony sized Foxtrotter, and we are ok with that. She is sweet and silly and we love her. She will find her job, maybe pulling a cart or just being a fantastic therapy horse. Her future is bright and we can't wait to see what she does <3

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Dapper Dan is a 20 year old Missouri Foxtrotter, but he is really our resident mystery horse. When our Village enabled us to save Peaches, the fundraising team in Oklahoma who paid half her bail offered us the same assistance if we were interested in saving another Foxtrotter. The lot said that he was a 5 year old mare! Well, our Village just couldn't say no to saving another life, and we were able to have Dapper picked up the day after Peaches. Once he arrived at the quarantine facility, it became pretty obvious that the mare was actually a gelding! Of course we were fine with that, we were all just looking to save a life, it didn't matter if the lot was totally wrong with the details of that life. 

Dapper Dan has had the hardest time getting healthy from the various illnesses given to him by the horrors of the kill pen pipe line that he was stuck in for who knows how long. He started with a kidney infection and pneumonia and had to be on antibiotics for several weeks. Then, he started showing signs of strangles when we came to pick him up. So, once we got him home we immediately had both of our vets come out to assess him. He had strangles, which wasn't surprising. What WAS surprising, was when the vet said that he wasn't actually 5 years old, but more like 20! Our 5 year old mare was actually a 20 year old gelding! This made a few things make more sense, especially how hard its been on him getting healthy after everything he was exposed to in the kill pen pipeline.  

Dapper Dan is still working through his strangles. As a much older horse, he's really gotten the worst of it, and every day we hope and pray for improvement. We have high hopes that he will kick this thing and get healthy enough to show us his real personality. But we do know that he is a very sweet boy, and a very good patient. He takes his meds like a champ, eats all his special grain mix, and stands mostly still for his hot compresses. We love Dapper Dan and we can't wait for him to be completely healthy and happy <3

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Oscar is a 6 year old gaited gelding. We found him in a kill pen in Oklahoma by chance. He was fat and healthy when he arrived at the kill lot so he was sent to the direct ship pen, where the horses are not advertised for resale or rescue prior to being shipped off to slaughter. These horses typically have no chance of avoiding the slaughterhouse, because their healthy condition makes them worth more from the Canadian and Mexican slaughterhouses, which pay by the pound.


The only reason we were able to save Oscar was because of our AMAZING DONORS, who had already raised the cost to rescue a different horse, which the lot ended up selling to someone else. But the MOAS Village (it takes one) still wanted to save another horse, so a phone call was made directly to the kill pen requesting a gaited horse, and Oscar was the only one they had left, so they let us have him for a little more than his price per pound. Had that call not been made, Oscar would already be butchered and sold by the off as meat to be consumed internationally, because he was one of the few who showed up in good condition. We are so blessed to have him with us thanks to a village of wonderful people who just won't quit.

Oscar is the MOAS class clown! When he first arrived, he was very very shy about almost everything. Based on his behavior, we believe he suffered some abuse before he ended up in the kill pen. But ever since the day we met him when we picked him up in Oklahoma, he's realized that he is finally safe and with people he can trust. He now gets excited to be introduced to new things, and looks forward to venturing out to explore the ranch when he gets his daily exercise time. He is a bucket thief, and if he manages to snag one he will make music with it until its taken away. He also loves to bang on his feeder, his fence, and anything else he thinks might get him some attention. Oscar is also a very sweet and empathetic soul. He will do anything asked of him, as long as he is asked kindly and with patience. We feel so lucky that we were able to save Oscar. He was meant to survive and thrive, and we think he will do some great things in the future <3